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Human Being Management (HBM) is an innovative management philosophy that takes into account the human being as a whole, and therefore the importance of the Nature of each person, team and organization.

HBM offers an analysis of the uniqueness of each individual, thanks to intensive and respectful feedback, which together create a stable basis for continuous development for the individual or team.
All of this leads to measurable results and lasting success.

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What is Human Being Management?

Human Being Management considers the uniqueness of each individual.

HBM goes beyond visible behavior. We analyze the conscious and unconscious patterns that motivate visible behavior.

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Human Being Management (HBM) connects the rational person and their unconscious being, which gives them energy, increases the efficiency of their services and guarantees the quality of their relationships. This awareness motivates the individual to take responsibility for his own functioning.

What makes myHBM so unique?

HBM connects the conscious behavior with the underlying subconscious patterns. This is a connection between the head and the belly, of the cognition and the experience.

HBM gives recognition and value to natural talent and adjusted performance behavior. In this way HBM provides a dynamic and profound picture of who we are as human beings.


Unique added value for people and organization


HBM adds an additional element to the two existing traditional foundations of organizations,- Structure and Culture,- more specifically; its Nature. This underlying element represents the invisible characteristics of individuals and organizations, such as the hidden talents of employees.

By paying attention to Nature, we move from the concept of order to that of commitment, we stimulate the thinking of collaborators and evolve from an authoritarian power to a strategic force.

Fundamental depth

The nature of the person is taken into account to achieve the perfect match between a candidates profile and the skills sought.

HBM allows you to discover all the talents and qualities of the employees. Organizations are then able to choose the right candidates and offer more appropriate training.

This investment tailored for each employee ensures a more sustainable result for the organization.

Authenticity in thinking and acting

Employees who work according to their nature experience greater intrinsic motivation. They thrive and take on their roles and responsibilities more effectively and efficiently within the organization. Moreover, the quality of their work increases significantly.

HBM Accreditations:

  • HBM Individual – HBM Team – HBM Organization
  • HBM Burn-Out
  • HBM Leadership
  • HBM Talent Selection

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