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The Belgian myHBM is managed by 3 entrepreneurs supported by a growing team of HBM professionals.

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Diversity, dialogue & collaboration

MyHBM is managed by 3 entrepreneurs – Herman Vandenbranden, Tom Audoore and Jo De Clercq-, who have decided to introduce the philosophy of Human Being Management and the measurement tool ACT, inspiring, innovative and results-oriented concepts in Belgium.

We truly believe in diversity, dialogue and collaboration. We want to support our clients in achieving their every ambitions, while respecting the nature of each individual and organization.

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Image myHBM

Onto a better professional world

We aim to develop an HBM community in Belgium, promoting the exchange of professional expertise and bringing added value to each person who joins it.

myHBMbe wishes to continue developing its solid team of HBM professionals, whose common mission is to make both employers and employees in the various types of organizations in Belgium happy. In this way, we are contributing to a better world.

The myHBMbe Team

Herman Vandenbranden specializes in systemic coaching and management coaching, and offers sustainable growth paths.
After an exciting professional career in human resources, he embarked in 2001 on coaching and accompanying change processes.
He trained in systemic coaching at Königswieser & Network (Vienna) and CIGO (Consultancy in groups en Organizations) at the University of Hasselt. He works in close collaboration with various professional teams (Königswieser & Network, CoachingPlatform, Route2Act,…) and of course myHBM, where he is a senior HBM coach. He is the founding partner of myHBMbe.

Tom Audoore has acquired great experience in the textile and fashion industry on an international level, and at Randstad Group Belgium at national level. As an entrepreneur, he founded and directed and in 2007. He is a passionate business partner who has successfully developed various innovative models of business services in terms of human resources and organization. He is also co-founder of myHBMbe.

Jo De Clercq is the third partner of myHBMbe. He started his career as a lighting professional, manager and conceptual designer and has also opted for model of sustainable happiness. He is inspired by thoughtful business management where employees occupy a central place. Jo is the serene manager of our ambitions, responsible for the entire F&A story of myHBMbe, but will also act as an HBM coach.


myHBMbe can also count on the full support of, already counting more than 600 coaches who believe in the philosophy of HBM and some 350 HBM coaches who accompany people, teams and organizations in their daily development.