How can HBM be applied?

HBM is recognized by the « SME portfolio » and has the Qfor quality label.


At HBM, everything starts with the ACT (Analytical Competence Tool) measurement. This generates an in-depth personality and talent analysis, giving a coherent and consistent overall picture that gives us insights into the unconscious control of our own visible behavior.

HBM finds its application in:

  • The development of employees, teams and organizations through a coaching program
  • Personal leadership development
  • Advice on career choices and studies
  • Teams complementary composition, development and optimization of talents and skills
  • Sustainable entrepreneurship and employee engagement
  • Leadership development: directing, delegating, supporting employees and teams
  • Support in change processes, support in growth towards the desired objectives
  • Choosing the right person for the right place: job matching and selection
  • Welfare of employees well-being, measuring their “sensitivity to” burnout, including the prevention thereof and refocus

We support companies and their human capital.
In 2020, we aim to open several HBM coaching centers which you can also contact as an individual.
Because everyone has the right to personal development and well-being.