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The Analytical Competency Tool (ACT®) is a unique online measurement method that takes into account the human being as a whole.

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The Analytical Competence Tool (ACT®)

ACT® is a measuring instrument that provides answers to the following questions:

  • What qualities are there in my nature, what qualities are not?
  • Are all my qualities used in my current position?
  • How do I make my decisions?
  • How do I react under pressure?
  • Why do I react in such a way?
  • How can I get more energy out of my work?
  • Am I a natural leader?
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ACT® goes much further than visible behavior and cognitive thinking.

The measurement uses words and extensively tested images. It is precisely this combination of words and images that makes this approach unique. It holds up a mirror to yourself and allows you to discover who you really are and how that limits, reinforces and determines your daily life.

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Do you want to find out who you really are?

ACT® is an ingenious and innovative method which answers numerous questions in just 15 minutes, in a clear and detailed manner.

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